Parts Service

On site 3R Guarantee period spare parts; We provide parts sales, maintenance, replacement and other services; Fast supply, and common parts are available 24 hours a day.

Part Service
Our parts are of reliable quality and are specially designed for mining machinery and equipment. From design, raw material selection, production and manufacturing technology to packaging and transportation, all links have strict quality inspection and process control to ensure that every part meets the quality standard requirement.
The parts of Zoomlion have excellent performance, which are precisely matched with the original truck parts, and have a longer service life; Our parts can allow the equipment to operate with higher efficiency and lower energy consumption, and help customers reduce overall operating costs.
The use of our parts can maximize the performance of the equipment and ensure the service life of your equipment. It is recommended that you purchase our special and high-quality parts from the official channels of Zoomlion.

Spare parts supply measures

The Mining Machinery Division of Zoomlion has established a three-level spare parts supply system for customers-service station spare parts warehouse, regional spare parts central warehouse, and Changsha headquarters spare parts warehouse. The fast logistics supply system can effectively ensure the timeliness of parts supply, and drive the quality improvement of parts business through the parts management wall, and fully guarantee the construction needs of customers.
The types of spare parts cover common parts required for a full range of products such as open pit mining, crushing and screening, material transportation, etc., to ensure that the equipment can be repaired in the shortest time when the equipment fails, and the operating rate of the equipment is guaranteed.
The Mining Machinery Division of Zoomlion is committed to building an efficient and professional service team. We put user needs in the first place, and effectively meet the needs of customers for parts, so that customers can easily enjoy high-quality services.


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