All-in-one Solution

Provide one-stop solutions and EPC general contracting services. Relying on specialization, intelligence, and customization, we provide all mine customers with a whole life cycle mine solution.

All-in-one solution

All-in-one solution of Zoomlion Mining mainly includes five major sectors: project design, equipment manufacturing and procurement, construction and installation, after-sales service, and financial services. Relying on specialization, intellectualization, and customization, Zoomlion Mining provides all customers with whole life-cycle integrated solution.

  • Project Design

    1 Confirming the project, establishing the project department led by professional project managers.
    2 Full communicating, establishing communication mechanism, and fully understanding customer needs
    3 Market researching, field investigating, and advising customers about factory construction
    4 Signing agreements, carrying on project design, and guiding equipment selection
    5 Resource supporting, providing professional and comprehensive financial services
  • Equipment manufacturing and procurement

    1 Purchasing requirements, preparing accurate equipment and material procurement plans
    2 Quality assurance, strict quality controlling by the project team
    3 Equipment manufacturing, advancing product manufacturing by multi-department collaboration
    4 Equipment delivery, delivering of high-quality products within the specified time
  • Construction and installation

    1 Civil engineering, electrical engineering and specified engineers work together
    2 Equipment layout, compact setting, reasonable and orderly
    3 Installation guarantee, dispatching professional installation team
    4 Completion acceptance, trial operation, project validating by customer
  • After-sales service

    1 On site service, on site service during the 3R guarantee period, on site stock of spare parts, ensuring equipment dispatch rate
    2 Quick response, 24 hour after-sales service
    3 Quick arrival, 2 hours arrival (city network)
    4 Spare part supply, sufficient common spare parts, nearby delivery
    5 Thoughtful attendance, regular training, return visits, and guidance
Financial Service

Commercial factoring

Commercial factoring means that the seller (creditor) transfers the accounts receivable from the goods sales (service) contract concluded with the buyer (debtor) to the commercial factoring agency, and the commercial factoring agency provides comprehensive financial services such as trade financing, accounts receivable management and collection. In addition to providing general commercial factoring products, Zoomlion Financial Services Co., Ltd. has innovatively launched the "one-time credit, cyclical factoring" "pool factoring" program in response to the characteristics of the complex transactions of the upstream suppliers, downstream distributors, and major customers of Zoomlion. We strongly support the business operations of the factoring objects by simplifying the service process and accelerating capital turnover.

Mortgage Loans

Mortgage loans refer to loans granted by lenders (banks) to borrowers (customers) who purchase construction machinery and equipment. This type of loan is exclusively for the purchase of construction machines and equipment and it obeys the principle of “part of the borrowers’ funds is self-financed, loan equipment mortgage, loan earmarking, repayment on time". Zoomlion first discussed the construction machinery mortgage business in the industry in 2000. After 15 years of continuous exploration and practice, it has now cooperated with more than 20 financial institutions in theonstruction machinery mortgage business, and developed individual mortgage products according to the needs of the customer groups and the characteristics of the equipment.

Finance lease

The financial service company are currently able to provide financial leasing services according to customer needs in two modes ‘leasing’ and ‘leaseback’. Leasing refers to a business model in which the financial service company purchases designated equipment for customers to use according to the customer's selection of Zoomlion equipment, and the customer pays the rent on schedule. Leaseback refers to a business model in which customers purchase Zoomlion equipment, obtains the ownership of the equipment, and sells the equipment to the financial service company at the original price of the equipment. Then customers retrieve the right to use the equipment by means of financial leasing and pay rent to the financial leasing company on schedule. The payment of customer selling the equipment is paid by the financial services company on behalf of the customer.

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