Financial Service

The financial service company can provide customers with highly competitive and customized financing support programs in the industry.

Financial company introduction
Zoomlion Financial Services Company (Zoomlion Finance) is a leading comprehensive financial services company in China with a manufacturer background, integrating financial leasing, commercial factoring, bank mortgage, installment, insurance and other business platforms. Zoomlion Financial provides high value-added financial services for the full range of equipment manufacturing products produced by Zoomlion on a global scale.
In China, Zoomlion Finance has the following 3 physical platforms:
Zoomlion Financial Leasing (Beijing) Co., Ltd.—established in 2002, domestic capital, registered in Beijing, with a registered capital of 1.502 billion yuan;
Zoomlion Financial Leasing (China) Co., Ltd.—established in 2009, foreign capital, registered in Tianjin, registered capital of 280 million US dollars;
Zoomlion Commercial Factoring (China) Co., Ltd.—Established in 2014, foreign capital, registered in Tianjin, registered capital of 100 million US dollars.
With six overseas subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Australia, Russia, Italy, the United States, and South Africa as fulcrums, Zoomlion Financial has enabled financial services to accompany Zoomlion’s products to all corners of the world. After eight years of development, Zoomlion Finance has grown into one of the largest domestic financial companies.

Finance lease product description

The financial service company are currently able to provide financial leasing services according to customer needs in two modes ‘leasing’ and ‘leaseback’. Leasing refers to a business model in which the financial service company purchases designated equipment for customers to use according to the customer's selection of Zoomlion equipment, and the customer pays the rent on schedule. Leaseback refers to a business model in which customers purchase Zoomlion equipment, obtains the ownership of the equipment, and sells the equipment to the financial service company at the original price of the equipment. Then customers retrieve the right to use the equipment by means of financial leasing and pay rent to the financial leasing company on schedule. The payment of customer selling the equipment is paid by the financial services company on behalf of the customer.


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