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[EPC Construction Case] General Contracting of Steel Material Conveying System

Project details


General Contracting of Steel Raw Material Conveying System of Chongqing Iron and Steel Group


In 2010, Zoomlion provided the Chongqing Iron and Steel Group with a turnkey project (system EPC) for the entire process of design, manufacturing, procurement, installation and construction, and trial operation of the steel raw material conveying system. The steel raw material conveying system includes The terminal receiving system, stock yard system, batching and mixing system, raw material factory feeding system and auxiliary system. Zoomlion provided 9 sets of wagon dumpers, 2 sets of floating cranes, 4 sets of bucket wheel reclaimers, 1 set of stackers, 1 set of bridge type bucket wheel reclaimers and 35 sets of belt conveyors.

The Chongqing Iron and Steel Group has made many comparisons, and finally chose Zoomlion. Because Zoomlion has domestic first-class design and project management professionals, and has many years of experience in cooperating with well-known professional design institutes and general contracting companies at home and abroad. Zoomlion combines the advanced design and manufacturing concepts of the international industry to design and manufacture bulk material conveying systems according to the customer’s own business characteristics. It adopts the operation mode of complete equipment or general contracting to provide customers with the best integrated conveying system. At the same time, it can provide financial leasing services for bulk material conveying system projects at home and abroad. While effectively improving the level of customer management, it enables customers to significantly reduce system operation and maintenance costs, and achieve an all-round improvement in competitiveness.



Car dumper: 9 sets

Type: FZ1-2A (C-type rotor type)

Applicable models: C50, C60, C70

Maximum degree of rotation: 175°

Capacity: 22-25 Knots/hour



Floating crane: 2 sets

Grab ability: 16t/bucket

Quantity: 2 Pcs/ship



Bucket wheel reclaimer: 4 sets

Materials: Iron ore

Capacity: 1500t/h

Radius of gyration: 42m



Stacker:1 sets

Materials: Iron ore

Capacity: 1900t/h

Radius of gyration: 27.5m



Bridge bucket wheel reclaimer: 1 sets

Materials: Iron ore

Capacity: 1500t/h

Span: 37m



Belt conveyor: 35 sets

Material: Iron ore

Width: 1200mm/1400mm

Total length: 8175m


At present, Zoomlion has undertaken general contracting of system projects in Chongqing, Sichuan, Hunan and other places. The general contracting of system projects provided by Zoomlion really makes customers feel at ease, worry-free and assured.




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