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Zoomlion's mining excavators and mining trucks are fresh out of the circle

Project details

The summer is scorching, the heat waves are rolling

It's a bit stuffy in the loess and sandy mine.

Look! That aurora green!
Come and call for these fresh players!


ZE700G Mining Excavators

The first player, the ZE700G hydraulic excavator from Zoomlion Mining Machinery, is shinning at a mine in northwest China. In the hot summer, the refreshing aurora green color palette is relaxing. ZE700G’s standard bucket capacity is 4.2 square, and can fast load. The design life of the main structural parts is more than 30000 hours, which is reliable and durable, high efficiency and energy saving. It is an all-round player with pretty appearance and ability !





ZT105 Mining Dump Trucks

The second player, also from Zoomlion Mining Machinery, is ZT105 Mining Dump Truck. The player is so popular! Nowadays, it has shown up at many places in the country, with fans increasing. High popularity stems from its great ability, reliable overloading, and pretty appearance. Its performance in a northwest mine, is also extraordinary. Climbing easy, fast transportation efficiency, and clean unloading bring it praise from customers.





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The color combination has been protected by a registered trademark

The color combination has obtained registered trademark protection

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