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ZDH115 Integrated Mining Drills





Hole range



Engine power


Weight: 15t

Hole range: 90mm-130mm

Engine power: 228kW

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Product introduction
  • Powerful drive system

    228kw Engine power

    It adopts Yuchai engine which is reliable and powerful, it is also equipped with highly efficiency drilling system.

    It adopts advanced High-Pressure Common Rail fuel Injection Technology, Charge Air Cooling Technology, Turbocharging technology, Cold start electric control preheating technology.

  • Superior performance

    7+1 / 6+1 two storage modes

    The propulsion mechanism adopts the transmission mode of hydraulic motor – chain with stable and reliable propelling speed.

    Carousel rod handling system adopts highly autonomous mechanism, and it meets the requirements of one-time deep hole.

    It combines with disassembly platform, which can efficiently recycle drill pipes.

  • Strong working ability

    The maximum working torque of rotary head is 3000Nm

    The rotary head is driven by high power double hydraulic motor, which can realize high wind pressure and fast rock drilling.

    High configuration to ensure high stability of the equipment and long-term continuous operation ability.

  • Flexible

    Maximum Gradeability 30° 

    Maximum speed 3km/h

    The frame and chassis adopt floating connection, floating 10"forward and ground clearance of the frame is more than 400mm, and has stronger crossing ability. Equipped with high and low speed motor, combine Gradeability and speed, excellent cross-country performance.

Key technical parameters
Parameter Unit  Value
 weight kg 15000
Drilling range  Hole range mm ф90-130
number of  pipe  pcs 7+1/6+1
 DTH pipe Specifications mm ф68x3,000/ф76x4,000
engine model / YC6L310-T3
 rated power kw/rpm 228/2200
Rotary head maximun  torque N・m 3000
rotary speed rpm/min 0-105
Compressor F.A.D  m3/min 15
maximum working pressure  bar 17
Feed beam Tractive pull kN 20
Feed length mm 3600/4500
 Feed extension mm 1200
 moving system  maximun  speed km/h 3
Gradeability  º 30
Track leveling angle    º ±10
 Ground clearance  mm 420


Explain:Due to the continuous upgrading of our products, technical parameters are subject to change without notice. The specific parameters are subject to the actual product; the machine shown in the picture may include additional equipment.
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