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ZT118 Mining Dump Truck


Rated load


40m³/47m³(SAE 2:1)

Body volume



Engine power


Automatic transmission version available



Rated load: 75t

Body volume: 40m³/47m³(SAE 2:1)

Engine power: 382kW(520HP)

Optional: Automatic transmission version available

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Product introduction
  • Zoomlion can bear heavy burdens

    The integral front axle is durable. The middle and rear axle housings are made of high-quality steel castings, and 100% of the important welds have been ultrasonically inspected.

    It adopts high-quality and high-strength welded box structure frame, which has better torsion resistance and can better adapt to the changeable and undulating roads of mining areas. It adopts full penetration welding, and the important welds are used 100% ultrasonic flaw detection. The life is more than 3 times riveted to the frame.

  • Zoomlion's quality can win the Long March

    It adopts Yuchai engine equipped with BOSCH high-pressure common rail fuel injection system, which has strong power; Adopting Fast 8-speed mine-specific gearbox with reliable performance; The drive axle adopts a reinforced structure to enable the transmission chain to withstand greater transmission torque.

    The bottom plate, side plate, front plate and rear gate of the body are made of high-strength wear-resistant steel, which have long service life; The lightweight design can create greater value for users. The body has a U-shaped structure, which is conducive to the concentration of materials and reduces the unevenness of loading; The design of large rounded corners at the transition between the bottom plate and the side plate makes it difficult for materials to stick to unloading.

  • Four essence concept, safe and reliable

    The front suspension adopts the oil-gas non-independent suspension and the wheel positioning is reliable, providing stable and comfortable driving; The rear suspension adopts an oil-gas-separated balanced suspension, which can reduce the impact of complex roads on the truck and improve the driving comfort and reliability of the truck.

    The braking system adopts front and rear independent dual-circuit pneumatic control, which improves braking reliability; The front, middle and rear axles are equipped with standard air chambers, which increases the braking torque of the whole truck by 20%; The braking system adopts a large flow relay valve to improve the braking response speed of the whole truck. The auxiliary braking system includes engine in-cylinder braking and hydraulic retarder. It has high braking efficiency and good safety, which significantly reduces the wear of brake pads and tires and improves the driving safety of the truck.

Key technical parameters
Parameters Unit ZT118 ZT118(AT)
Drive form 6×4 6×4
Curb weight kg 33500 33500
Rated payload kg 75000 75000
Total axle load t 118 118
Overall truck size mm 9070×4100×4550 9070×4100×4550
Max. speed km/h 46 50
Max. gradeability % 26 32
Engine model YC6K480-GT30(GB20891-2014Ⅲ) YC6K520-GT30(GB20891-2014Ⅲ)
Engine capacity L 12.939 12.939
Rated power/Rotating speed kW/rpm 382/1900 382/1900
Max. torque/Rotating speed N·m /rpm 2400/(1100-1500) 2400/(1100-1500)
Gearbox FAST 8DS240A FAST 8DS260
Front axle load Zoomlion32t Zoomlion32t
Rear axle load Zoomlion43t×2 Zoomlion43t×2
Axle suspension spring Front and rear oil and gas Front and rear oil and gas
Steering system Full hydraulic steering Full hydraulic steering
Auxiliary brake In-cylinder brake + hydraulic slow travel In-cylinder brake + hydraulic slow travel
Tires 16.00R25 16.00R25
Note: The capacity of the body can be customized according to customer needs and working conditions.


Explain:Due to the continuous upgrading of our products, technical parameters are subject to change without notice. The specific parameters are subject to the actual product; the machine shown in the picture may include additional equipment.
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