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5 · 21 | Zoomlion Miner's full series of products confess to customers at home and abroad


On May 21, in this special day, Zoomlion Heavy Science Mining, which has always been guided by the "technical root, product -based" innovative ideas, extended sincere greetings to customers and friends at home and abroad, and to customers and friends at home and abroad. We confess -even if the clouds are changing, the China -United mining machine is guided by user needs, and the concept of creating greater value for global customers with extreme technology, quality, cost and services has never changed.



"Technology is rooted and product -based" is not an empty words. Take the new -generation G series mine card product of Zoomlion Mining Machine as an example. By seriously comparing the competitive products and listening to customers' opinions on the product, in the previous generation of mine card products, the successful products were successful. On the basis of further improvement and optimization, the G series ore card only has hundreds of improved projects in the structure, effectively improving the reliability and life of the product and increasing the attendance rate of attendance. At the same time, according to the actual environment of the domestic mine construction, the G series pioneered the first high -power engine solution in the industry, which greatly improved the power performance, making the transportation efficiency higher and the low fuel consumption, while reducing maintenance costs. These performances beyond the expectations of customers have been verified in many domestic mines and are highly recognized by customers, which has aroused widespread attention from the China United G series ore cards.



Similarly, other Zoomlion G series mining machine products such as rig, mobile crushing screening equipment, sand and gravel production lines, crushing hosts, etc. are also optimized through continuous iteration, which is more in line with the actual needs of mining customers. It is said that orders at home and abroad are constantly.



In order to ensure the normal operation of mine equipment, strong service capabilities are essential. Zoomlion Mining Machinery has a guarantee center in all parts of domestic and foreign parts. It is equipped with mining service engineers to deal with various types of equipment problems and ensure the timely supply of components. To ensure the attendance rate of customers at home and abroad. Regardless of domestic and foreign, the Zoomlion mining machine service team has obtained the recognition and commendation of customers many times by providing excellent and high -quality services. In order to further reduce the cost of customer operating costs, China United Mining machine also provides customized tires to provide customers at a price lower than the market price and receive praise from customers.



According to the ultimate technology, quality, cost, and service requirements, Zoomlion Mining Machinery helps the majority of mining customers with actual actions, from the cold flow of Siberia to the humid tropical rain forest, from the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau in the world to the hot In the Middle East Desert, even under various extreme climatic conditions, the products and services of Zoomlion mining machines are as always hand in hand with customers to create value. Standing at the new historical starting point, in the world of changing and changing worlds, Zoomlion mining machine always adheres to the core values of Zoomlion Heavy Section of "sincerity and no sense of righteousness, and unbelievable", and work with the majority of mining customers.

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