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ZE1250G Mining Excavator


Operating Weight



Bucket Capacity



Engine power


Operating Weight: 116t

Bucket Capacity: 7-10m³

Engine power: 567kW

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Product introduction
  • Reliable performance

    The dedicated extension of the mine is used to increase the chassis, enhance the four -wheeled area, the full protective track protection rail, and the large torque and long life walking reducer.

    Work devices that are strengthened by stress -based analysis and fatigue life test, and the key parts use forging structures.

  • High efficiency and energy saving

    Work efficiency increased by 8%, and unilateral fuel consumption decreased by 6%.

    The original imported engine meets the national three emission standards, with strong power and low fuel consumption. Use the advanced ESI electronic control system to optimize the main pump electrical control program and the main valve core.

    Multi -mode power is self -matched. Based on the load perception of different operating conditions, the working status is intelligently adjusted. Use thermal balance intelligent control technology to better meet the requirements of thermal balance.

    It can be equipped with rock arms to tap the crushing operations high efficiency.

  • Convenient maintenance

    Use a modular design to meet a one -stop inspection. Equipped with automatic lubrication system.

    Long -term oil hydraulic oil can be selected, and the replacement cycle can be doubled.

    Equipped with intelligent services, through the intelligent platform of China United China, remote services and fault diagnosis can be achieved.

  • Safe and comfortable

    8 -inch large screen display

    The cab is equipped with enhanced hoods and internal arranging according to human -machine engineering.

    Equipped with rear vision and side view camera to fully ensure operational safety. The new human -machine interactive operation system is rich in functions, simple and easy to use.

Key technical parameters
Parameter Unit Value
Operating Weight kg 116000
Bucket Capacity 7-10
Model / QSK23
Engine Power kW/rpm 567/1800
Displacement L 23.15
Maximum torque N·m/rpm 3468/1400
Emission Standards / EPA Tier 2 /EU Stage III
Swing Speed r/min 5.1
Travel Speed(Max/Min) km/h 3.6/2.5
Maximum Traction kN 748
Bucket Digging Force kN 598
Arm Digging Force kN 472


Explain:Explain:Due to the continuous upgrading of our products, technical parameters are subject to change without notice. The specific parameters are subject to the actual product; the machine shown in the picture may include additional equipment.
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