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Zoomlion Mining Machine ZTS105 Mine Mine was launched


At the 30 -year celebration of the Zoomlion in the past, Zoomlion Mining Machinery showed the new product in the field of mining, ZTS105 non -highway mining vehicle. The car adopts a large -capacity and high -horsepower design, becoming the largest and most cost -effective dust reduction product in the industry.



Compared with the 40 m³ water tanks in the industry, the water tank of ZTS105 sprinklers reached 55 m³, which greatly extended the scope of a single sprinkler and improved work efficiency. The car is equipped with the front duckbill, back sprinkler, long range water cannon, and can be equipped with fog guns. It has three functions: sprinkle water, dust reduction and fire extinguishing fire extinguishing. Sprinkle water can be selected from flow and pressure type. Among them, the method of self -flow sprinkler can effectively save fuel and increase spray time; while pressure sprinkler can increase the spray range and strength; Realize the effective dust reduction; the fire cannon that comes with the tail can timely eliminate the source of accidents in the mining area.



ZTS105 sprinkler vehicle adopts the mature chassis of the Zoomlion mining machine to adapt to the harsh environment of the mining area; the front suspension uses a large -cycle oil and gas spring, which is comfortable and comfortable; the sprinkler operation is simple and convenient. Adapt to the conditions of the mining area; the low -pressure waterway is equipped with a filter and sewage valve, and the inside of the water tank adopts anticorrosive coating to extend the service life.



Currently in China, in addition to the use of electric wheels to modify sprinklers with electric wheels, most of them use highways sprinkle water vehicles or modified wide -body vehicles for dust reduction. Due to the small water tank capacity, it will bring shortage of operational efficiency and not timely dust reduction. The emergence of changes the pattern. The car has been put into use in the northwestern coal mine, and the effect is good. Do you love this kind of ore sprinkler?

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