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Zoomlion Mining machine helps customers develop Sumatra coal resources


Recently, a contractor in Indonesia won a mining contract for a coal mine in southern Sumatra and held a grand project construction ceremony. At the ceremony, the contractor thanked the equipment suppliers, including Zoomlion Heavy Section, for support. The local media also made special reports.



The contractor focuses on the field of coal mining, storage and transportation. It is a professional coal mining contractor in the Sumatra area. It has also been in cooperation with Zoomlion Zhongke. Card. As the main equipment provider, the ore card of the Zoomlion Mining machine will play an important role in the coal mine project.



Since entering the Indonesian market, China United Mining machines have continued to be recognized by mining customers with excellent products and high -quality services. The project has spread to major islands in Indonesia and covers multiple mineral species. In order to better expand overseas business, Zoomlion mining machines continue to promote the localization development strategy of overseas business, and continuously meet the personalized needs of overseas customers through the development of adaptive products.



At the same time, continuously strengthening overseas service systems, including the construction of localized service teams, a third -level spare parts response system and technical training system, are also the most powerful support for customers.


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